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Ferrabyrne proudly supplies rail industry companies around the globe, working with locomotive, inter-city, regional rail, tram and metro vehicles. We have a very experienced team and we have built a strong positive reputation through our product development and improved lifecycles work. An example of this is that through collaboration with a major train operator we have developed a range of components that can last for miles.

The primary suspension (between the wheel and chassis) takes away the vibration of noise into the chassis. The secondary suspension (between the chassis and train car) takes away the vibration of noise into the car. We generally make suspension products for the primary suspension on a train bogie but we do refurbish air springs from the secondary suspension. Ferrabyrne also designs and manufactures Anti-Roll Bar systems and Traction Assemblies amongst other elements. Both OEM’s and overhaulers are supplied with parts, assemblies and kits by Ferrabyrne. Many overhaulers also return systems and assemblies to us for component assessment and refurbishment.


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