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Link Assemblies

Ferrabyrne designs a wide range of link assemblies and concepts. Our rail vehicle links range includes traction, torque reaction, motor nose, LIM lateral and Anti-Roll Bar links. We also manufacture links for high-speed trains and work with aluminium forgings (on specialist instruction) for a lighter link.

Links are subjected to loads and misalignment’s, therefore the rubber to metal bushes are specifically designed to accommodate radial, torsional and conical movements. Bush characteristics also play an important part in the overall link performance. The combination of bush profile and compound are fundamental in meeting the necessary rigidity and life expectations. Our links are manufactured from a range of materials including fixed length SG iron, cast steel, aluminium welded, steel forged or flame cut steel. They can be fully adjustable with a choice of metal to metal or rubber to metal bearings or even a combination of both. The optimum selection will be dependent on the strength, weight, physical size, availability and cost constraints of the application.

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