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Traction Centre Assemblies

Ferrabyrne  Traction Centre Assemblies are designed and manufactured to provide the customer with an assembly package that will operate for the life of a train; 40 years or more.

The Traction Centre transfers the traction loads between the train bogie and body and provides the body to bogie pivot rotation during rail curvature manoeuvres. Our assemblies are designed using 3D CAD, tested and manufactured in-house to meet and exceed high level specifications on operating and proof loads. They are evaluated using Finite Element Analysis techniques in order to simulate the optimum stress conditions. This later allows the assemblies to operate in the most challenging and arduous working environments with minimal service or maintenance needs. Ferrabyrne has a range of Traction Centre Assemblies including those for lightweight bogie specifications. We offer a complete design and supply service for which long-standing customers include Bombardier and Alstom.

Example of Traction Centre Assembly

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