Although predominantly rail industry focused, the expertise gained in this area has allowed us to work within the commercial vehicles, wind turbines, industrial electrical and Leisure markets.

Rail – Passenger

Ferrabyrne proudly supplies rail industry companies around the globe, working with locomotive, inter-city, regional rail, tram, and metro vehicles. We have a very experienced team and we have built a strong positive reputation through our product development and improved lifecycles work. An example of this is that through collaboration with a major train operator we have developed a range of components that can last for miles.

The railway primary suspension (between the wheel and chassis) takes away the vibration and noise into the chassis. The railway secondary suspension (between the chassis and train car) takes away the vibration of noise into the car. We generally make suspension products for the primary suspension on a train bogie (eg: bogie mounted bushes and bogie traction centres) but we do refurbish air springs from the secondary suspension. Ferrabyrne also designs and manufactures anti-roll bar systems and traction assemblies amongst other elements. Both OEMs and overhaulers are supplied with parts, assemblies, and kits by Ferrabyrne. Many overhaulers also return systems and assemblies to us for component assessment and refurbishment.

Commercial Vehicles

At Ferrabyrne, we manufacture a highly regarded range of heavy-duty commercial vehicle components. Through working with major companies such as Ridewell Corp and Hendrikson Europe we know that robust quality is absolutely critical in this market as the suspension systems are so often subjected to severe operating conditions. We have an exemplary record in supplying top-rate products to heavy commercial suspension systems manufacturers.

Our range of components includes control links, Anti-Roll Bars, bearings, and highly-loaded suspension mounts. We supply a range of single-pivot bushes for mono-lift and other truck suspension systems. The application for Ferrabyrne commercial vehicle products includes logging trucks that effectively operate in ‘off-road’ conditions, tankers, and garbage/refuse disposal truck fleets. As a prerequisite Ferrabyrne design these parts to withstand very arduous fatigue loads, using our expertise and experience in order to satisfy these conditions. In addition, our consistent aim is to improve the product lifecycle giving our customers maximum efficiency and value for money.


Ferrabyrne supply a comprehensive list of parts and assemblies to the industrial market. Most applications are addressed using a natural rubber compound which has the best fatigue accommodating characteristics as well as being a good all-round moulding material.

Parts are made for the forklift truck industry and generator set manufacturers. This includes bushes, bearings, mounts, and general mouldings plus rubber bushes for vibrating tables, mechanical power transmission couplings, re-moulds, and security discs.

Electrical insulators and electrical infrastructure

Ferrabyrne manufacture and supply electrical insulators, conductors and connectors for medium and high voltage applications for railway infrastructure (overhead catenary and 3-4 rail traction power systems), power stations, small army bases, ports and large industrial estates.

We manufacture in a number of different compounds but predominantly EPDM, silicone and DMC. Parts and assemblies are produced to a customer’s specification using very effective compression moulding techniques. These are particularly suited to medium volume, specialist applications. Unlike many insulator manufacturers, Ferrabyrne designs and manufactures the tooling in-house, enabling customers to develop new insulators with shorter lead-times.

Rail – Freight

Ferrabyrne supplies suspension springs and an array of rubber-to-metal components for the Rail Freight market.

Rail – Overhaul

Ferrabyrne overhauls secondary suspension systems and all bogie-mounted rubber-to-metal components (including links and traction centres), either as complete kits or sub-assemblies.

Rail – Distribution

Ferrabyrne is the official UK distributor of Continental and Vulcanite suspension systems for OEM sales and aftermarket services.

Wind Turbines

At Ferrabyrne we manufacture a range of bushes for this sector of the renewable energy market. This industry uses rubber based bushes and pads for suspension of the generator and gearbox within the nacelle. These installations can be mounted up to 160 metres above the ground or in an offshore location, therefore quality and reliability are key requirements.

Our product range for wind turbines includes generator mounts, gearbox mounts, nacelle mounts and teeter bushes.


Ferrabyrne manufactures rubber-to-metal components for the most demanding military applications.


We manufacture and supply a robust and versatile swimming pool cleaner that is preferred by the professional sector of the pool maintenance industry. In addition to meeting the durability required for such an industry, the flexible and versatile pool cleaner head is designed to achieve maximum coverage, including within the more difficult areas of a pool such as complex pool shapes, curves and sharp corners.

Our pool cleaner is a well proven product that we believe is still unique for this market.

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