All the Ferrabyrne products are designed, developed, manufactured/assembled and tested in-house. This enables us to remain responsive, efficient, and provide a personal approach to our customers. Regardless of whether we are producing standard or bespoke parts and assemblies, Ferrabyrne is committed to quality and world-class customer service. We offer a comprehensive range of rubber to metal items, including rubber to metal bushes, bearings, and couplings.

Anti-Roll Bar Systems

Ferrabyrne produces Anti-Roll Bar systems for trains, metros, trams, and for commercial automotive applications. Each system is designed, manufactured, and tested in-house to meet individual customer requirements using experienced personnel under strictly controlled conditions.

The anti-roll bar on a railway carriage controls the rolling characteristics by counteracting the rolling moment of the train car. All rail vehicles need to provide the best possible ride characteristics for passengers but simultaneously operate within the safe limits of the operating gauge. A complete anti-roll assembly comprises a torsion bar, levers, links and support bearings, in various styles, all of which provide the required roll stiffness and vertical ride characteristics necessary to result in the best-operating conditions. The torsion bars are manufactured using a combination of industrial processes including forging, bending, heat treatment and the final machining of the hardened material. The anti-roll bar may be a single piece bent bar or a three-piece sub-assembly where the separate levers are shrunk onto a straight torsion bar. It may also have removable lever arms for service requirements. We can produce the anti-roll systems in both low and high volumes.


Ferrabyrne is the UK Authorised Service Centre and Distributor for ContiTech (part of Continental Group) and refurbish rail secondary suspension systems from all over the UK at our Littlehampton Service Centre.

An air spring system for the rail industry incorporates the bellows (also known as an airbag) and auxiliary spring. It is a secondary suspension application. We initially conduct a wash and visual inspection. Some of the components may be replaced, as required, during the refurbishment service, then the air spring is pressure tested and returned to the customer. We offer a structured refurbishment service for air springs, returning them looking as new.

Bushes & Ball Joints

A good bush design requires the necessary combination of profile and compound along with the application of good design principles and well proven expertise. Ferrabyrne know that the success of any system incorporating rubber bushes is dependent on the capability of the bush, which has to meet specific articulation and stiffness characteristics.

We make bushes in the approximate range of 30 – 400mm in various materials (polymer plastics, PTFE, metal, natural and synthetic rubber, silicone, composites) to suit any application. The outer and inner metals are usually made from premium grade steel and the compound is normally a combination of a natural rubber element bespoke to Ferrabyrne. Interleaves may be incorporated into a design where the radial stiffness needs to be increased. Other characteristics can be achieved with a variety of design techniques, such as the use of internal bearing and limiting snubber features. If you have a specific requirement for a bush we would be very pleased to discuss this.

In addition to link bushes Ferrabyrne manufactures centre pivot bushes, anti-roll bar support bearings, radial arm bushes, brake bushes, damper bearings and wind turbine power module support bearings.

Link Assemblies

Ferrabyrne designs a wide range of link assemblies and concepts. Our rail vehicle links range includes traction, torque reaction, motor nose, LIM lateral, and anti-roll bar links. We also manufacture links for high-speed trains and work with aluminium forgings (on specialist instruction) for a lighter link.

Links are subjected to loads and misalignments, therefore the rubber to metal bushes are specifically designed to accommodate radial, torsional and conical movements. Bush characteristics also play an important part in the overall link performance. The combination of bush profile and compound is fundamental in meeting the necessary rigidity and life expectations. Our links are manufactured from a range of materials including fixed length SG iron, cast steel, aluminium welded, steel forged, or flame cut steel. They can be fully adjustable with a choice of metal to metal or rubber to metal bearings or even a combination of both. The optimum selection will be dependent on the strength, weight, physical size, availability, and cost constraints of the application.


Our Ferraflex mechanical power transmission couplings and shafts are available in bespoke lengths for specific vehicle application. We can also reverse engineer and then re-design couplings and shafts for replacement parts and/or to improve efficiency.

A shaft connects two couplings together at their ends for the purpose of transmitting power. The configuration of a coupling determines the dynamic stiffness and the choice of compound in addition to having an influence on the stiffness. This also has an important effect on the resulting amplitudes.

Ferrabyrne can provide many standard solutions as well as special designs to meet complex needs. Our range includes torsional and transverse vibration control and high conical, radial and axial misalignment rubber couplings with shafts selected for their technical suitability and endurance properties.


Ferrabyrne has worked very closely with its customers for many years to design, develop, and manufacture highly effective anti-vibration mounts and springs. Therefore we have a huge range, with bespoke sizing available for varying loads and applications.

Anti-vibration mounts and spring assemblies provide support and help to protect the equipment from destructive vibration forces. Our range includes primary suspension, sandwich mounts, chevrons, secondary air spring emergency mounts, engine, motor, gearbox and raft vibration control mounts.